California Governor Gets ‘Caught’ In An ‘Outright Lie’

California Democrat Governor Gavin Newsom oversees a state with some of the most strict COVID restrictions and mandates in the entire nation. In California, people face despotic mandates forcing them to show COVID vaccination papers to work out in gyms, dine at restaurants, attend movies, and otherwise function in society.

Newsom and other Democrats have justified these measures. They claim COVID mandates are for the public’s good and backed by science. However, the conduct of the California Democrat shows that he and other pro-mandate politicians don’t believe what they profess.

Newsom and the Democrat Mayors of Los Angeles and San Francisco attended the NFL game this past weekend. These Democrats were photographed maskless during their attendance despite California’s statewide mask mandate.

In the wake of the backlash against Newsom and his fellow California Democrats, he’s come out with an explanation to try and smooth things over. However, as reported by TheBlaze, the Democrat Governor’s explanation is disproven by photographic evidence.

Amid public outrage, the California Governor made a statement on Monday about his time spent at the NFL game over the weekend. Newsom only went maskless for a brief moment to pose for a photograph with sports star Magic Johnson.

However, just like Newsom got caught breaking his COVID rules, he also got caught for lying in the aftermath. Despite the Democrat’s claims that he was “judicious” in only forgoing his face mask for a brief second, countless images tell a different story.

Myriad viral images online show Newsom sitting in the stadium without a face mask and otherwise mingling with others without a mask. The California Governor also wasn’t eating food or consuming beverages.

It is far from Newsom’s first time skirting his own COVID rules. In 2020, the Governor landed in hot water for attending a French Laundry dinner while putting his state residents on lockdown.

While most of the spotlight has been on Newsom’s hypocrisy in breaking his COVID rules, San Francisco Mayor London Breed and Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti were right there with him.

It isn’t just mutually exclusive to California Democrats, either. Countless leftists and health officials across the nation have put out statements calling on the general public to abide by rules that they won’t follow.

Mandates, vaccine cards, face coverings, etc., are all for show. “The science” does not back these measures. The recent surge of Omicron and vaccination boosted people coming down with this virus, showing no guarantees either way.

If Democrats believed in the COVID measures they’ve put in place, they wouldn’t repeatedly be breaking these measures. COVID mandates and restrictions have always been about tyrannical statism and authoritarianism, not public health.