Burger King Paying For Pulling Ads From Rumble

Burger King has come under fire for pulling their advertising campaign off of Rumble after the platform decided not to demonetize comedian Russell Brand.

Brand has been the target of what many are calling a witch hunt against conservatives who dare to speak out about left-leaning ideologies and extremism in the U.S. He has been accused by a handful of women of inappropriate elicit behavior over the years — all of them just now bringing the alleged truth to light.

Burger King and other corporate interests seem intent on making sure Rumble feels the pain of going to bat for Brand — but is that even what happened?

Rumble shared their response in a post on X, noting they stood for “very different values” than their competitor, YouTube. The statement further read, “Although it may be politically and socially easier for Rumble to join a cancel culture mob, doing so would be a violation of our company’s values and mission.”

The funny Brit continues to deny any wrongdoing, and many of his peers have drawn a line in the sand choosing to stick by his side.

Piers Morgan stepped up to defend Brand as the allegations made the headlines, relaying that he felt it was of strong importance that we not get carried away with the court of public opinion.

Fellow comedian Laurence Fox spoke out against Caroline Dinenage — Chairwoman of the House of Commons Culture, Media and Sport Committee — when she called for Rumble to give Brand the boot from their video-streaming platform.

YouTube has already suspended Brand from making any more money on their platform, despite the fact that he has yet to face any sort of due process regarding the allegations made against him.

HelloFreshUK has joined those ranks, pulling their ads off of Rumble in support of allegations that could very well be false. Fiverr also removed their ads from Brand’s content — and that’s the short list.

Alas, Burger King is just one of many companies who have jumped on this bandwagon, and clearly with no end in sight.

Americans who share Rumble’s values can continue supporting the platform and its advertisers who are on board with their mission of liberty.

Apparently, in corporate America and beyond, people who speak the truth — like Russell Brand — may now be guilty until proven innocent. Who will be next?