Build Back Better Act Isn’t Doing So Well

Despite the plethora of problems with the Build Back Better Act, House Democrats passed this legislation towards the end of last month. Democrats passed the bill following GOP House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy giving a speech for 8.5 hours regarding the myriad reasons this bill should never see the light of day.

If it is not stopped, Build Back Better will add trillions of dollars to the nation’s debt. On top of that, illegal immigrants will be given a free pass, while workers and businesses are saddled with some burdensome and unnecessary taxes and regulations.

As things currently stand, the Build Back Better Act is now in the hands of the Senate. However, new information from Twitchy reveals this piece of legislation is not in the most vital position.

It’s a given that Republicans are not on board with this horrible spending proposal. The GOP has laid out a series of reasons why this bill should not pass.

Nevertheless, Biden and his handlers don’t want Americans to know that Republicans are far from alone in opposing the Build Back Better Act. Rasmussen Reports recently revealed that 48% of Independents also oppose this spending bill.

Across the board, fewer than four in ten voters nationwide support the Build Back Better Act. Meanwhile, just 62% of Democrats want this bill to become a law.

With only 38% of voters in America supporting Build Back Better, this is horrible news for the Biden Administration. Time and time again, we hear the White House talk about how popular Biden’s policies supposedly are. Yet, every single poll to come out tells a vastly different story.

Biden has been meeting with West Virginia Democrat Sen. Joe Manchin. Unlike most people in his party, Manchin has demonstrated he has at least an iota of sense.

The West Virginia Democrat remains vocal regarding his concerns about the level of spending within this proposal Biden wants to be passed into law. Furthermore, despite several meetings with Manchin and Biden, the two reportedly remain at an impasse.

Seeing as Senate Democrats cannot afford for even one of their members not to vote in their favor, Manchin holds all the cards. Democrat leaders previously expressed they’d get the Build Back Better act passed by Christmas.

However, judging from failed negotiations with Manchin, no decision will be made on the spending proposal until 2022.