Border Patrol Agents Are Being Treated like Welcome Mats

Border Patrol personnel do an important job. They intercept immigrants who cross the southern border illegally. They are meant to guard our national security. Instead, the globalists and their American left-wing friends have transformed these agents into welcome mats.

No one imagines themselves as a U.S. Border Patrol (USBP) agent, assisting in the facilitation of illegal immigrants seeking to enter the US. The number of individuals entering the nation illegally is at an all-time high; nearly one million people will do so in the first six months of 2022.

With the Biden Administration planning to repeal Title 42 rule that prohibits the importation of contagious virus, the Department of Homeland Security is making preparations to accommodate (rather than deport) almost 18,000 new immigrants per day.

It is undeniable that a worldwide network has been established to enable and expedite the enormous migration of poor, underqualified illiterate individuals from throughout the world to the United States. Bipartisan Policy Center’s Theresa Brown stated last summer that the US is experiencing a lasting change in migration along the southern border.

She further added that the U.S. is looking at a tremendous surge in individuals, not just from Central or South American nations, which suggests that this is now simply the migration path.

Along the journey, the immigrants are taught how to inform USBP officers that they are looking for asylum as they arrive in the nation in order to take advantage of loopholes in American immigration laws.

Agents now do nothing more than welcome these invaders, provide them with water and help them get to the next station.

Globalists who want to undermine and eventually destabilize the U.S. are not sending in armed troops; instead, they are sending desperate and needy individuals.

Given the situation, USBP agents shouldn’t be questioned for refusing to be doormats for these illegal invaders.