Bob Iger Returns To Disney As Chapek Regrets Fight With DeSantis

Disney hopes that Bob Iger’s return will return the enterprise to its former magical glory. But analysts predict that slashing spending and restoring profitability to the damaged brand will be almost impossible in two years. Former CEO Bob Chapek was abruptly fired after his disastrous tenure killed earnings and stock prices.

Disney, which once was a beloved brand full of magic and wonder, has been destroyed by Chapek with his culture wars, political fights, and embrace of radical LGBTQ+ identity politics. Disney hopes bringing Iger back will save their stocks and return the brand to its revered reputation. But politically, Iger is farther left than Chapek, which hasn’t benefited the company so far.

While Chepek takes the brunt of the blame for Disney’s woke ideology appearing on screen, Iger started the movement. Chapek is merely responsible for repeatedly pouring gas on a fire that Iger began. So, don’t start singing praises just yet.

Iger has deep connections with China that began in 2010. The theme park opening in Shanghai in June 2016 only solidified Disney’s relationship with the communist country. Once Shanghai Disneyland was opened, the Chinese government received a whopping 57% ownership stake and a 30% share in the Disney management company. This can’t be ignored since the Chinese government would love to see a United States downfall.

Iger has double standards. He constantly ignored the human rights issues suffered in China while reprimanding Georgia’s heartbeat bill and refusing to film there any longer. Further, Iger promised to follow woke culture and purposefully hire people based on race and sex to diversify the Walt Disney Company.

Chapek was awful. He oversaw the company’s fight to take down Florida’s Gov. Ron DeSantis (R) parental rights bill. The Star Wars franchise became a joke when he let Kathleen Kennedy shake it down. He turned the superhero universe into a propaganda mockery for social justice warriors. Overall, Chapek is not a nice guy.

But Chapek will not be the straw that broke the camel’s back. Iger’s return will mean an attempt to raise stock and earnings with even more leftist ideology. He will make Disney’s problems tenfold. Walt Disney is rolling in his grave.