Blue States ‘Tossing’ Mask Mandates Like Yesterday’s Trash

Democrats have been some of the strongest supporters of mask requirements. Leftists repeatedly argued that everyone must wear a face mask in the name of stopping COVID from spreading.

Even when “the science” revealed that COVID could infect people who were double-vaccinated and even triple-vaccinated, Democrats were still stuck by their allegiance to face masks for quite some time.

However, this has (not so) mysteriously changed. Right now, Democrats are collectively throwing out mask mandates. They’re doing this not because they’ve finally reached some epiphany over the past two years. No, Democrats are doing it for political reasons.

With midterms and other political elections happening this year, Democrats are terrified of the polls and public sentiment showing growing support for Republicans and mounting outrage towards COVID mandates.

The National Review explains why Washington, Oregon and California are some of the latest states to scrap mask mandates.

On Monday, Democrat Governors Jay Inslee of Washington, Kate Brown of Oregon and Gavin Newsom of California released a collective statement detailing their decision to end mask mandates.

The trio of leftist governors explained that all three states are scrapping mandatory masking due to “declining” coronavirus cases and hospitalizations. It applies to children attending school and individuals within most indoor settings in Washington, Oregon and California.

This new shift on masking in the United States comes after the CDC likewise amended its guidelines on masking. Per the latest CDC guidelines, 70% of Americans have the group’s endorsement to be maskless in most environments.

This new shift in masking also comes after Democrats have been repeatedly in the hot seat for issuing a series of COVID restrictions but not abiding by them. Governor Newsom, for instance, has had this problem on a series of different occasions since 2020.

No matter what Democrats are doing now, it doesn’t erase their conduct over the past two years ahead of the midterms. When it’s all said and done, Democrats were more than happy to weaponize fears of COVID to maintain control over others.

Leftists didn’t care when people lost their jobs or when businesses permanently closed their doors. It didn’t matter to Democrats when children were suffering in schools over forced masking or when parents were labeled as domestic terrorists for speaking out during school board meetings.

Democrats don’t get brownie points for doing now what they should have done all along.