BLM Continues To Reveal Its True Colors

In 2021, Americans will be very much aware of the Black Lives Matter movement. BLM claims they are fighting for racial justice in the United States, especially regarding alleged racism in policing.

However, much to the annoyance of Black Lives Matter, the data and statistics do not back up their claims about US society, law enforcement, or anything else for that matter. As a matter of fact, by looting and destroying communities, BLM has demonstrated why police presence is so necessary for the United States.

BLM has also been at the center of various scandals. Years ago, the organization took heat for an excerpt on their website endorsing the destruction of the nuclear family. Of course, BLM removed this from their site; however, it shows what this group is all about.

As PJ Media reports, Black Lives Matter is now back in the media, against showing what they’re all about.

“BlackXmas,” one of the many BLM offshoots, has gone on record, declaring supporters of the organization should decline to shop at establishments that white individuals own. Black Lives Matter believes the boycott of white-owned businesses should occur from November 26, 2021, to January 1, 2022.

BlackXmas also made a point to note that BLM supporters should only buy, build, and bank with establishments owned by black individuals. It comes as Black Lives Matter has found itself under the microscope in recent years for how they’ve handled money donated to them.

One BLM co-founder stepped down after news broke of her using funds donated to the organization to purchase mansions for herself and her partner. Therefore, one could make the case that before Black Lives Matter begins telling other people how to spend their money, they should first get their books in order.

Furthermore, BLM would have an absolute breakdown if an organization told people to stop shopping at black-owned businesses and only shop at establishments owned by white individuals.

Despite the antics from Black Lives Matter, it is in the best interests of Americans of all races to resist the trap of division and hatred. People are well within their rights to frequent any establishment, whether black, white or otherwise.

At this point, BLM is nothing more than a tool of the Democrat Party, meant to sow anger and discord. Americans don’t have to fall into this trap or give leftists what they want.