Black Lives Matter “Tough Guy” Wants You to Know He’s Masking UP

Social media has allowed the entire world to call people out when they’re being a hypocrite and luckily, we can do that with Black Lives Matter and their activists.

One BLM activist posted a picture on Twitter wearing a mask on an airplane and said, “Arizona bound! And yes, I will continue to mask up. And my shirt is a message for anyone that has an issue with it.”

The shirt quote, “Try me. -Malcolm X 1963” means that this person is going to be confrontational if someone tries to make him take his mask off? Is he delusional? Nobody cares if he’s wearing a mask. It’s his right to do so just as much as if he didn’t want to wear it.

Just days earlier this person posted a picture on Twitter without a mask on in what appeared to be a Starbucks and said, “Smite, this is why I get my coffee from Dunkin.” The cup said “Jered” and his Twitter name is Derrick. It’s tough out there, isn’t it?

If you think That Derrick is the only one participating in this nonsensical social justice warrior photo-op, you’re wrong.

Ron Howard joins the “Mile High Masked” club with a tweet saying “Tho it’s not mandatory and it’s a pain, I’m masking it for my flight today. For myself, for others.”

Howard also doesn’t believe in this ridiculous theater because 10 years earlier he posted a picture with his son saying, “Happy Birthday Reed! You are a great son and proving yourself to be an even better Dad. Your mom and I love you. See you and Ashley when you are off the road.” From a loving father to his son… both without masks. From Howard’s perspective, neither are being good fathers or sons because they’re putting themselves in grave danger.

The tweet should have said, “Happy Birthday Reed! I gave you Covid-19!”

The left has gone off the rails. We’re witnessing deep paranoia mixed with professional level projection and the “Do as I say not as I do” mentality that we’ve ever seen and it’s going to get worse. This isn’t the end.