Bipartisan Support For Ending Russian Oil Imports Is Real

If there’s one thing the past nearly two weeks have shown, it’s that the United States shouldn’t be reliant on Russia for a single thing. At this time, Russia is being led by an autocratic war criminal growing increasingly unhinged.

Over the past few days, Putin has ordered his nuclear forces to be put on high alert. At the same time, the Russian tyrant is threatening the West with various declarations of war. It comes on top of Putin’s rage that his invasion of Ukraine hasn’t gone as smoothly as he assumed it would.

As all of this plays out, more people wake up to the reality that permitting Russian oil imports into the United States isn’t the most sound idea. According to National Review, this explains why bipartisan support for prohibiting Russian oil imports is officially here.

GOP Sen. Lisa Murkowski and Democrat Sen. Joe Manchin have joined forces to support a bill disallow Russian oil from making its way into the United States.

Manchin declared that as long as America continues permitting the flow of Russian oil imports, Putin will be emboldened to weaponize energy exports for his gain. Therefore, cutting off these imports sends a loud and clear message.

Murkowski echoed similar views. According to the Republican lawmaker, stopping these imports will save Americans from bankrolling the egregious acts of the Russian government.

While multiple lawmakers from both parties have jumped on board with this legislation, including House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, the White House appears to have not caught on quite yet.

This week, the White House was questioned about the robust, bipartisan support for no longer permitting oil from Russia to enter the United States.

Press Secretary Jen Psaki claimed that prohibiting these imports would cause supply to diminish, therefore forcing prices to rise. However, Psaki left out that prices would not increase if the United States returned to domestic energy production.

It is something else that both Republicans and Sen. Manchin have been calling for. However, recently, Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg dismissed this as an indefinite solution to a short-term ailment.

It couldn’t be more apparent that the White House does not have America’s best interest at heart.

When Republicans and Democrats are so divided, it speaks volumes that the importance of shutting down Russia’s oil is something that both parties can largely agree upon.

It’s unfortunate to see the Biden administration living in denial of what’s happening.