Bipartisan Agreement Exists Regarding One Troubling Matter

Unfortunately, bipartisanship is hard to come upon these days. In so many cases, Republicans and Democrats find themselves on opposing sides regarding a series of issues. Some examples of these issues include immigration, taxes, the appropriate role of government, shutdowns, vaccine passports, etc.

As partisan divides persist, the gaps between red and blue states persist. Last year, America saw a significant departure from blue states and a massive increase in new residents popping up in blue states. Some states were Texas, Florida, and Arizona. Meanwhile, states with tremendous losses in residents include California, New York, and Illinois.

However, as noted by the Washington Free Beacon, there is at least one pattern that Republicans and Democrats agree on; this matter, quite frankly, should be of concern to everyone.

According to a poll run by the Trafalgar Group, a vast majority of GOP members and Democrats hold the view that America is in decay.

Across the board, 76.8% declared the nation’s falling into decay, while only 9.8% told pollster America was progressing. Finally, the remaining 13.4% noted themselves as uncertain where the nation was going.

Amongst the Democrat Party, 61% see the nation as in decay. It leaves only 15.4% who maintain the United States undergoing progress and 23.6% unsure about where the country stands.

Finally, a grand 85.9% of Republicans told the Trafalgar Group that America is decaying. Just 4.3% of Republicans believe progress is underway in our country, while 9.7% cannot be sure either way.

The nation’s views are in decline amid mass social unrest, a virus that continues to spread (despite Biden’s 2020 promises to make the virus disappear), and a host of other issues dividing people into fiscal and national security matters.

It’s no coincidence that the vast majority of Americans agree the nation is in decay amid the same time that Democrats are controlling the White House and each congressional chamber.

People see crime increase in their communities. They’re having a more challenging time making their mortgage or rent payments, feeding their families, or even putting aside money into savings.

Meanwhile, there is no message of hope or any strategy to fix these problems from the White House. At this point, so many Americans feel abandoned and dismayed.

One critical step the United States can take to reverse the current cycle of decay is to vote Democrats out of power and elect strong, America First conservatives.