Bill Maher Urges Biden To Step Aside, Supports Gavin Newsom For 2024

Bill Maher is calling on President Joe Biden to step aside and allow Democrats to choose a new candidate for the 2024 presidential race. In a recent opinion piece, Maher emphasized the need for fresh leadership, suggesting that California Gov. Gavin Newsom (D) would be a strong contender.

Maher expressed his concern over Biden’s recent debate performance against former President Donald Trump. “We all age differently — it’s a true case by case — and the debate illustrated that vividly. Mr. Trump, whatever you think of him, was vigorous; Mr. Biden was vigorless,” Maher noted.

The comedian argued that having a new face on the ballot could invigorate the Democratic base and increase their chances in the election. “Anyone with a D by their name basically makes this race a tie. Being a fresh face who has spent less time in the spotlight equals ‘America’s less tired of you,’ equals that extra percentage that would make for a winning ticket,” he wrote.

Maher has been vocal about his concerns for nearly a year, warning that Biden’s reluctance to step aside could lead to a situation similar to the late Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s tenure, where her refusal to retire allowed Trump to appoint a conservative successor. “What happened at the debate last week wasn’t a tragedy; it was a blessing in disguise. I called on Mr. Biden to step aside almost a year ago, warning that he would be forever known as ‘Ruth Bader Biden’ if he didn’t,” Maher stated.

Maher also proposed that an open convention would benefit the Democratic Party, generating enthusiasm and engagement. “Democrats could not buy, with all of George Soros’s money, the enthusiasm, engagement and interest they would get from having an open convention — and in Chicago no less, famous for Democratic convention drama,” he added.

As the debate over Biden’s candidacy continues, Maher’s call for a new direction highlights the growing concerns within the Democratic Party about their chances in the upcoming election.