Big Pharma Likely Has A New Vaccine Coming

Over the past few years, Americans have heard a lot about COVID-19 vaccines. During the pandemic, people were bribed and coaxed into getting these vaccines. Later, the bribes and coaxes turned into threats of job loss and societal exclusion.

When it comes to COVID-19 vaccine mandates, there are still certain folks to this day who are not completely out of the woods. Joe Biden has yet to drop his COVID-19 vaccine mandate for the military, despite this vaccine’s inability to stop the virus from transmitting or spreading.

Meanwhile, it turns out that Big Pharma is working on yet another vaccine, this one being developed to target COVID-19 and the flu.

Vaccines Into Infinity?
This week, Pfizer announced its collaboration with BioNTech to release a vaccine that protects against the flu and COVID-19. Yet, neither one of these pharmaceutical companies has a very good track record in targeting either of these diseases.

There are many people who take flu shots, yet still get the flu. A similar story rings true for COVID-19. Many Americans, including government officials, are triple vaccinated or beyond, yet still coming down with COVID-19 and its symptoms.

Nevertheless, Pfizer says this two-in-one vaccine is in its third phase of clinical development. On top of that, both Pfizer and BioNTech are relying upon mRNA technology. This is not good either, seeing as mRNA vaccines have been linked to a higher likelihood of myocarditis episodes in young men.

Naturally, the Pfizer press release announcing the work on a new vaccine did not bring up any of these real issues.

No Deal?
All things considered, it is likely that Pfizer and BioNTech will find a way to come up with a vaccine that will be marketed as effective against COVID-19 and the flu.

However, the real question lies in whether or not Americans will be willing to take this vaccine. There are also reasonable inquiries to be made about whether or not the current administration will try to force this vaccine on people.

Last year, Biden tried to strongarm just about every worker in this nation to take COVID-19 vaccines. The only reason why the president did not succeed is because Republicans pushed back and landed a victory in the Supreme Court earlier this year.

If this vaccine comes out and the government tries to force it on people — like before — they will very likely face more backlash than one can anticipate.