Biden’s Work To ‘Strong-Arm’ Manchin In Supporting Build Back Better Has Failed

The spending bills passed by President Biden and Democrats in Congress have been to the detriment of so many Americans. Such a high level of spending from the federal government has triggered an all-out inflation crisis, which many Democrats remain in denial about.

The record clearly shows an undeniable link between the spending bills passed in 2021 and the increase in prices and inflation across the country. Democrats don’t care, though.

They want to pass another piece of legislation. However, resistance on this front from Democrat Sen. Joe Manchin is causing some problems.

Recently, Biden released a public statement, firmly asserting that Manchin was on board with Build Back Better. As TheBlaze confirms, Manchin didn’t hesitate to clarify things.

In a nutshell, Biden’s public statement alleged that he and Manchin had talks, to which the West Virginia senator agreed with the structure of Biden’s spending bill.

Before noting that he and his team remain in constant contact with Manchin, the 46th president vowed that the differences between himself and Manchin would be bridged.

Now, of course, it doesn’t take a genius to see this statement for what it was. These remarks by Biden served as nothing more than his attempt to put on a good show before the public. The 46th president had a vested interest in making Americans believe all is going well with his bill.

Yet, unfortunately for Biden, Manchin refused to play along with the lies. After Biden put out this statement on Thursday, Manchin told Politico that what Biden said was “Biden’s statement” and not the idea of the West Virginia senator.

It speaks volumes that talks between Biden and Manchin have not been as warm and friendly as the former wants the country to believe.

On Sunday morning, Manchin delivered what could be a fatal blow to Biden. The West Virginia senator declared after multiple meetings with Biden, other Democrats, and even Republicans. He cannot vote for Build Back Better.

Manchin told Fox News Sunday he attempted every possible method to reach an agreement on the legislation, but it just wasn’t happening. The West Virginia senator then confirmed that “it’s a no” regarding whether or not he’s going to vote for the 46th president’s prized bill.

With no Senate Republicans on board with Build Back Better, the legislation has 51 no votes and 49 yes votes. It means the Build Back Better Act is essentially dead in the water.