Biden’s Weakness Is A Beacon To US Enemies

Time and time again, Joe Biden has displayed weakness when dealing with our enemies. Back in 2021, the president showed more interest in keeping a handshake deal that he made with the Taliban than he did in getting American citizens and US allies to safety.

Because of the haphazard means, Biden pulled out from Afghanistan, lives were lost, terrorists were emboldened, and America took a credibility hit on the international world stage.

It’s very obvious to US enemies, such as China and Russia, that Biden is a weak leader without enough of a spine to put America first. As a result, China and Russia are now joining forces with one another in the hopes of posing even more of a threat to America.

However, these aren’t the only US enemies who sense weakness and act accordingly. According to PJ Media, Iran is also moving to take action against the United States.

Right now, Iran has a vested interest in the revival of the Iran nuclear deal that gave their nation the upper hand over the United States. When President Trump got into office, he rightfully shut down that agreement. However, Americans want it back with Biden in the White House now.

As it turns out, the folks pulling the strings of Biden are interested in making friends with Iran and getting this agreement back on track. However, it is precisely this sort of weakness to the enemy that’s making a mess of things.

As Biden’s aides try to kiss the ring and make friends, Iran is brazenly talking about attacking the United States. Iran even dared to say that when they move to strike America, the attack will occur with a “great” level of force.”

Meanwhile, the White House, under Biden’s thumb, isn’t responding to this or giving any statement to reaffirm the resolve of America.

The way that Iran is responding to Biden’s officials says it all. Weakness does invite evil. Iran is no ally to the United States and should not be treated.

When Biden represents America with such levels of weakness on the international stage, it makes other countries lose respect for us. At this point, there is no telling what Iran may try to pull. With China and Russia putting their heads together, they both need to be watched as well.