Biden’s “War On Police” Continues To Manifest

The attitudes that our nation’s leaders maintain towards public safety make all the difference in the world. Sadly, America is currently getting a first-hand look at what a lack of regard for law and order leads to.

In multiple cities throughout the country, homicides, robberies, and a litany of other crimes are out of control. More Americans are going out and purchasing firearms as a means to protect themselves and their families.

Unfortunately, society appears to be creeping closer and closer to the “every man for himself” reality regarding public safety. In New York City, police officers are fired for not taking the COVID vaccine.

Meanwhile, Biden’s sympathy for criminals and offenders has other harmful impacts on the country’s law enforcement community, as pointed out by RedState.

New data from the FBI reveal that since Biden’s been President, there’s been a 58.7% rise in the number of officers who’ve died in the line of duty. Last year, 73 officers lost their lives. However, in 2020, in the previous year of the Trump Administration, 46 officers died.

The 73 officers who lost their lives while serving their communities in America is the highest rate seen since 1995.

On top of this, law enforcement groups have stated that growing hostility towards police officers and policies that slap criminals on the wrist (such as “bail reform”) only makes it more dangerous for officers to enforce the law.

Biden isn’t the only problem, though. Democrat leaders, like New York Governor Kathy Hochul and New York City Mayor Eric Adams, who would allow police officers to be fired as their communities face serious crime problems, are also to blame.

The bottom line here is this: Democrats have been spitting in the faces of police officers for years on end. It’s not only hurting these officers but also the folks living in communities that rely upon police protection.

If something doesn’t change very quickly, then some extremely dark days will be coming for many people.

Unlike blue states, red states show appreciation and respect to police officers for their vital work.

In Florida, for instance, Governor Ron DeSantis is working on initiatives to hire even more officers to serve. Other communities run by Republicans are also engaging in grassroots efforts to get more law enforcement officers on the beat.

Police officers suffering terrible treatment in blue states like New York, Illinois, etc., may do well to relocate to red states that value their service, protection, and sacrifices.