Biden’s War On Oil And Gas Industry Is Just Getting Started

There is no denying the president of the United States has it out for the oil and gas industry. When Biden first set foot in the Oval Office, his first executive orders entailed taking an ax to Keystone Pipeline. In doing this, Biden significantly weakened the nation’s energy independence. He also killed 11,000 different jobs. 

That’s not all, though. Saule Omarova, the president’s Comptroller of the Currency nominee, has outrightly articulated her plan to bankrupt the oil and gas sector. Omarova directly called for this because she views it as a strategy to combat so-called climate change.

Unfortunately, as The Federalist documents, Biden’s war on the oil and gas industry has barely begun.

The next move Biden is attempting to make regarding the oil and gas industry is halting gas and oil drilling from taking place within a ten-mile radius of the 30,000 acre-long Chaco Canyon in New Mexico. The 46th president’s reasons for this asserts that Chaco Canyon is of great importance to Native Americans. 

It isn’t, though. This month alone has also revealed Biden has his sights set on destroying the Line 5 Pipeline in Michigan. On top of the president’s order to stop any drilling for oil and gas on federal lands, it only equals disaster. 

Despite what radical environmentalists believe, oil and gas are critical resources in the United States. They are necessary for transportation, heating homes, and so much more. Already, it’s been announced that Americans will be spending a greater amount of money to heat their homes this winter. 

When Trump was president, energy independence in the United States increased rather than decreased. Biden is doing all he can to shut down energy independence for good, despite its adverse impacts on America’s so many different areas of life.

Between inflation and already existing problems with energy independence, gas prices are high enough. However, unless someone can halt the president’s war on the oil and gas industry, things will worsen. 

Barring some severe changes, gas prices are going to increase. It will make it harder and harder for people to keep themselves warm during the winter or even drive themselves from point A to point B.

It will also worsen the supply chain crisis, making it harder for truckers who rely on gas to transport various goods across the country. 

It is where we are fewer than 12 months into Biden’s catastrophic presidency.