Biden’s War On Law-Abiding Americans Continues

Time and time again, President Biden continues to show his loyalty lies with criminals rather than law-abiding Americans. Biden shows this when he forces COVID vaccine mandates on Americans and flies illegal immigrants to settle in different cities throughout America. 

Biden’s prioritization of keeping a deal he made with the Taliban over rescuing U.S. citizens from Afghanistan furthermore shows his loyalty lies with criminals. To this very day, there are still Americans trapped in Afghanistan, and this failed president is doing nothing to help them. 

The list goes on and on; however, Biden is getting increasingly tyrannical and dangerous with each passing day. Red State now confirms the 46th president is working to eliminate cash bail for criminals in America. 

This week, the Biden administration put out a National Strategy on Gender Equity and Equality. As it turns out, a crucial part of this strategy entails ending cash bail for America’s “pre-trial systems.” According to the Biden administration, this elimination of cash bail is somehow going to help minority women. 

Ending cash bail means that violent criminals will no longer have to pay a substantial amount of money to avoid sitting in jail ahead of trial. The truth is that there’s nothing more appealing to murderers and other violent offenders who have no business being in society with the rest of us. 

It’s worth noting the Biden administration’s work to slash cash bail comes as crime is up in so many cities. If COVID vaccine mandates keep going in their current direction, crime will surge even more, seeing as many police officers are set to lose their jobs.

Biden doesn’t seem to care how eliminating cash bail will hurt people who become the inevitable victims of violent criminals who should be behind bars. 

This latest announcement regarding cash bail is yet another example of how the Biden administration lacks any semblance of regard for law and order. 

During a recent town hall event, Biden also declared police officers should lose their jobs if they don’t take COVID vaccines. Meanwhile, this president has failed to disavow the members of his party who continue to call for defunding and dismantling police.

As the Democrats seek to end cash bail and eliminate policing, they are also working to trample on the rights of individual gun owners. All of this can only lead to absolute disaster for America.