Biden’s War Against ‘Monoclonal Antibodies’ Continues

Joe Biden has been an outright embarrassment when it comes to COVID. The 46th president used promises of getting COVID under control to get himself in the White House.

So far, Biden’s dropped the ball time and time again. More Americans have died from this virus on his watch than under the eye of President Trump. Despite all the stringent medical mandates that Biden’s been working hard to enact, multiple mutations of this virus have emerged.

The Biden Administration’s newfound interest in focusing on testing isn’t going well either. There’s currently a major shortage of at-home coronavirus tests, not to mention very long lines across the nation at testing centers.

Amid all of this, the 46th president is now shutting down access to monoclonal antibodies, a treatment that’s been proven as vital to COVID as PJ Media documents.

As some people know, monoclonal antibodies have been proven as absolutely vital in fighting off COVID infections. Florida made national headlines last year over its successful use of monoclonal antibodies, hence prompting other states to follow.

However, Joe Biden has a severe issue with this. Biden’s objection to monoclonal antibodies stems from the fact that they are not the COVID vaccines that he’s been trying to mandate onto Americans with threats of unemployment.

Therefore, the 46th president puts a “pause” on states’ access to monoclonal antibodies. It was announced via the United States Department of Health and Human Services website.

Health officials who use monoclonal antibodies to treat people have warned that Biden’s doing will have disastrous impacts. Monoclonal antibodies have been a massive development in the medical field. Countless people will suffer because Biden decided his agenda and mandates are more important than human lives.

Since taking measures to reduce monoclonal antibody supplies, Biden has taken a fair amount of backlash from the American public. Conservative commentator Dan Bongino stated that Biden is more interested in controlling the lives of Americans than actually helping people.

Texas Republican Governor Greg Abbott also called out Biden’s terrible call on monoclonal antibody treatments. Abbott explained that thanks to the 46th president cutting off access to treatment supplies, at least 250 individuals have been denied access to treatments that could save their lives.

It is something that every single American needs to remember when the time to vote in midterms arrives this November.