Biden’s Vendetta Against US Energy Independence Is Costing Him Leftist Support

Joe Biden had it out for US energy independence from the second he hobbled into the Oval Office. The 46th president made his vendetta glaringly obvious when he gutted Keystone XL Pipeline and the 11,000 jobs it created.

Now, the president is on the warpath. He’s looking to get yet another pipeline, this one being Line 5 in Michigan. As energy production becomes harder in the United States (a plight of Biden’s own doing), he’s now gaslighting oil and gas companies by charging them with price gouging.

Yet, the rising gas prices and higher rates Americans are paying to heat their homes haven’t inspired Biden to drop his silly vendetta against one of the country’s most critical resources.

Instead, the president is now plundering the United States’ energy oil barrels. It has prompted calls for Biden to restore the Keystone XL Pipeline, per National Review.

On multiple occasions, West Virginia Democrat Joe Manchin has shown his willingness to stand up against Biden. The senator also made it clear some of Biden’s policies are a bridge too far for him.

It appears Manchin has reached this point since Biden released multiple barrels of America’s Strategic Petroleum Reserve. On Tuesday, Manchin declared that the 46th president needs to do the right thing and give the all-clear for the Keystone XL Pipeline to resume operations.

Furthermore, the West Virginia senator explained that a change of this magnitude would help America by permitting U.S. energy production. Likewise, Manchin pointed out the United States should not put itself at the mercy of OPEC when we have the power to be energy independent here at home.

It is not Manchin’s first time speaking out about this matter. In February, the Democratic lawmaker stated that Biden should reconsider his destruction of the Keystone XL Pipeline. Biden, unfortunately, did not take Manchin’s advice.

Despite the soundness of Manchin’s point, Americans should not count on Biden seeing the light. This president has repeatedly proved that he is incapable of correcting or even acknowledging his faults.

A court order recently forced Biden to lift his ban against oil and gas operations on federal lands. If there is any possibility of reopening the Keystone XL Pipeline, it will have to be ordered by the courts.

Joe Biden will not do it on his own. He is determined to destroy US energy independence and remains wholly owned by radical climate change activists.