Biden’s Unhinged Aggression Towards Republicans Takes A New Turn

When Joe Biden managed to weasel his way into the US presidency, he talked a good game. Biden spoke about unifying America, restoring the country’s soul, and uniting red and blue Americans.

Throughout the 2020 presidential election, the Democrats claimed electing Biden would restore peace and civility. They talked about how a Biden presidency would mean “the adults” are back in the room.

Anyone paying attention can now see for themselves. It was nothing more than cheap talk to get Biden into the White House. Since January 20, Biden’s been the worst and most divisive president of all time.

Now, he has the gall to attack Republicans over the supposed absence of civility in politics, as RedState has documented.

During a Jimmy Fallon interview, Biden once again put his unhinged state of mind on full display for all of America to see.

The 46th president stated that since his approval numbers have reached the 40% range, he stopped paying them any mind, unlike when they were higher. It is inherently problematic, and it demonstrates we have a president who doesn’t care about what the country is thinking or feeling.

Shortly after that, Biden spread lies about the economy before declaring that “QAnon” and radical factions of the GOP are to blame for the nation’s division. Somehow, the 46th president didn’t get around to mentioning Antifa or left-wing radicals, though.

Nevertheless, Biden did falsely declare the Republican Party has a vested interest in some Americans not voting. It comes as Biden politicized and weaponized the Justice Department to target states like Texas and Georgia for passing election security laws.

All in all, Biden’s interview with Jimmy Fallon was a bunch of nonsense, and any person with an iota of sense knows it. Of course, Fallon didn’t push back against any untrue and downright libelous claims Biden made.

If this sorry excuse of a president truly cared about civility, he would speak about Republicans with more anger than he carried when mentioning the Taliban. If Biden sincerely valued bipartisanship, he wouldn’t urge Democrat lawmakers to cut out their GOP colleagues to get spending bills passed.

Let’s call a spade a spade here. Biden does not give a hoot about civility or bipartisanship in the United States. All he and the Democrats care about is passing their radical spending bills and remaking America into a dystopian, authoritarian regime.

They must not succeed.