Biden’s Talking Points on Inflation Are Not Resonating With the Public

One of the greatest tragedies of the nation’s current inflation crisis is that it was entirely preventable. From the moment Joe Biden put his liberal spending proposals into motion, Republicans warned against it.

GOP lawmakers and others within the party cautioned that inflation would become a problem, along with an increase in the national deficit, if Biden kept spending.

The president’s response to this was gathering with Democratic lawmakers and telling them to do what they needed in order to pass his spending packages.

Spending got America into this current economic mess. In spite of this, the president is still advocating for more spending. At the same time, Biden says he has a plan to curb inflation, a claim that rings quite hollow for a number of reasons.

Why Americans Don’t Trust Biden on Inflation
One of the very first assertions from the Biden administration on inflation was that it would be “transitory.” A year later, it’s more than obvious that this wasn’t correct.

As a matter of fact, inflation, by its very nature, is a beast that feeds upon itself. When prices increase, companies and other producers are forced to increase their own rates to stay in business.

This, in turn, leads to many workers pushing for higher salaries, again forcing these same businesses to offset the difference by increasing prices. This is the very reason why America cannot spend its way out of inflation, something Biden has claimed can be done on multiple occasions.

Biden’s rejection of the very nature of inflation is a key reason why he’s not trusted to fix it.

Another issue with the president’s inflation talking points boils down to his attacks on various companies that are also feeling the sting. Biden argues that oil/gas companies, meat conglomerates, and other businesses are “price gouging.”

In actuality, these companies are increasing their prices because the costs they pay to do business have gone up.

The Final Nail in Biden’s Coffin
If the president’s continuous pushes for more spending and his dishonesty about large companies weren’t bad enough, his rejection of conservative policies that actually would lower prices overall is a major red flag.

Republican leaders and officials have repeatedly called for restoring domestic energy production in the United States. This would bring down gas prices, for starters. However, Biden has claimed on multiple occasions that Republicans don’t have any plans to lower costs.

In actuality, Biden doesn’t want to take Republicans’ suggestions on domestic energy production because, despite lowering gas prices, it would also conflict with his climate change policies.

As long as the president continues on his current path, he’ll remain without the trust of the American people.