Biden’s State Of The Union Address Will Be A ‘Disaster’

There’s been a lot of talk about Joe Biden’s State of the Union Address.

Biden’s already been invited by House Speaker Nancy Pelosi to give the annual speech. However, there are several signs that this address will be a disaster.

For starters, reports indicate that Democrats and Biden aren’t precisely on the same page about what the speech should entail. With the midterm races coming up, some Democrats would like Biden to make the State of the Union Address America moving forward, particularly into a post-COVID society.

Some left-wing strategists have even warned that if Biden uses the State of the Union Address to pat himself on the back and feign as if all is well, it won’t be well-received by the country.

However, a new release of requirements for lawmakers to attend the 2022 State of the Union Address is a clear reminder of Biden’s failures as President, according to Twitchy.

For lawmakers to attend Biden’s State of the Union Address in person, there are some guidelines they’ll have to adhere to. These guidelines entail wearing N95 face coverings, social distancing, and taking a PCR test for COVID within 24 hours of attendance.

These rules are fascinating. They’re also a clear reminder of just how much Biden has failed regarding a critical promise he made on the campaign trail: defeating COVID.

Biden hasn’t beaten back the virus or done anything to usher Americans away from the so-called pandemic. All this President has done regarding coronavirus is to enact illegal federal mandates. He’s also called it “premature” for governors to roll back mask mandates.

Therefore, Americans can expect the State of the Union Address to be stale, full of lies, and riddled with delusions from a disconnected President.

With Biden in the White House and Democrats holding Congress, the State of the Union is tattered.

The southern border has a severe problem with illegal drugs, illegal immigration, human trafficking, and a host of other serious issues. Meanwhile, the economy deals with inflation, labor shortages, supply chain blocks, etc.

Americans widely disapprove of Biden’s job in the office, with Independents quickly turning sour on Biden. The union will improve drastically once some leadership changes happen in the federal government.

Step one is Republicans taking back Congress in November. Step two is Republicans taking back the White House during the 2024 presidential election.