Biden’s Remarks On Ukraine Invasion Are ‘Getting Worse’

Ukraine has been under attack by Russian President Vladimir Putin for days now.

Putin’s attacks against Ukraine arrive as Biden shows shocking levels of weakness, thus leading to Putin’s aggression. As many Americans have pointed out over the past 48 hours, Putin never dared to strike Ukraine when Trump was in the Oval Office.

Biden appears to be living in la-la land when it comes to the gravity of these latest geopolitical affairs. The White House keeps talking about various sanctions. However, the Russian President’s behavior clearly shows these sanctions aren’t hitting where it matters.

Amid an increasingly dangerous situation, Biden’s latest remarks on the attacks against Ukraine create even more cause for concern, as pointed out by RedState.

During a Thursday press conference, Biden’s careless remarks about the Russia-Ukraine situation show that he is, once again, asleep at the wheel.

One of the most bewildering moments arrived when Biden declared that sanctions against Russia were not designed as a deterrence strategy to stop the invasion of Ukraine. It makes no sense. Why issue them if the sanctions aren’t designed to prevent Russia from attacking Ukraine?

Furthermore, Biden’s assertions about sanctions directly contradict what his Vice President said days ago. During a press event, Kamala Harris directly declared that the US government’s sanctions against Russia would bring about deterrence.

Harris also clarified that this has always been and shall continue to be the purpose of sanctions.

Biden’s remarks about sanctions are likewise at odds with what his Press Secretary, Jen Psaki, noted when she too declared sanctions against Russia are occurring for deterrence.

Thursday’s press conference made it abundantly clear that Biden doesn’t have a clue of what he’s doing. In light of all that’s happening in the world, this is not good for the United States at all.

Biden’s conduct thus far is sending a message to the world that when push comes to shove, the United States will allow our enemies to run amuck and do whatever they want.

Chinese leader Xi Jinping is watching Russia’s takeover of Ukraine, just as Russia watched Biden allow the Taliban to reclaim Afghanistan. After all, Biden’s weakness in Afghanistan engendered the current onslaught against Ukraine.

If Biden doesn’t wake up very quickly, the onslaught in Ukraine could lead to a Chinese attack against Taiwan later down the line. The weakness of Joe Biden is quite literally arousing the evil of authoritarian leaders worldwide.