Biden’s Rejection Of COVID Test Kits Comes Back To Bite Him

During Joe Biden’s candidacy in the 2020 presidential election, he centered his campaign around the claim of him being the one to do away with coronavirus. Biden also repeatedly criticized President Trump, claiming Trump had no plan to beat COVID and was similarly abandoning people to die.

Furthermore, when Trump stated that Americans would have to learn to live with the virus, Biden scoffed and professed that this was silly and absurd. Yet, the virus has gotten arguably more out of control throughout Biden’s presidential tenure.

There are more deaths under Biden’s presidency so far than there were under Trump. Likewise, the emergence of delta and Omicron variants happened on Biden’s watch.

The 46th president’s been repeatedly trying to deflect blame for doing such an abysmal job on the virus. However, this is coming back to haunt him, per RedState.

Back in October, health officials warned the Biden Administration about a high demand for COVID testing during the holidays, along with a possible surge. They were then advised to create a program that would provide 732 million COVID test kits monthly.

However, the White House decided against this plan. The reasoning was reportedly about their belief that there wasn’t enough bandwidth to make this happen. However, as Americans are now seeing a surge in Omicron (despite all the vaccinated and boosted people), this plan by health officials is gaining new attention.

A reporter with the New York Post questioned why his administration turned down the 732 million COVID test kits per month plan, and Biden falsely declared the White House accepted it.

The only problem with this is the president’s own White House has gone on the record, admitting they turned down the mass testing proposal from health officials. Biden’s lies keep on piling up, and it’s a nasty look altogether.

Throughout his time as president, Biden has undoubtedly proven himself to be a pathological liar. He will say anything literally to avoid blame, deflect criticism, and otherwise cast himself in a good lie.

Biden lied when he promised Americans that electing him would mean subduing COVID and getting the virus under control. At this point, there’s no telling what else the 46th president will attempt to deceive the nation about.

However, there is no denying the reality that Biden is not to be trusted under any circumstances whatsoever.