Biden’s Quip Against Joe Manchin Backfires Big Time

For a fair amount of time, tensions have been relatively high between Joe Biden and Democrat Senator Joe Manchin.

At this time, Biden’s biggest gripe with Manchin is the latter’s refusal to vote for the Build Back Better spending proposal. With Manchin’s “no” vote, there are currently 51 senators opposing the legislation, leaving only 49 senators in favor. Therefore, the West Virginia Democrat is ensuring Biden’s bill never passes.

The president has tried to get Manchin’s support, yet, every time, Manchin says no deal.

Even as Biden continues lacking the votes to pass Build Back Better, he won’t let it go. In a new interview with Boston College, the president covertly made a quip against Manchin. However, this completely backfired, as RedState points out.

While speaking with Boston College, Biden alleged that his defeated spending bill comes with major environmental investments, along with assets for supposedly disenfranchised individuals.

In his remarks, the unpopular president declared that a “senator from West Virginia” couldn’t help but repeatedly talk about the massive social spending associated with the Build Back Better Act.

Despite Biden’s refusal to face this, social spending is why the United States is in an inflation crisis worse than anyone’s seen in nearly 40 years. Manchin, along with many Republicans, has been clear that there’s no way the federal government can’t spend the country’s way out of inflation.

Biden may have thought he was making a point when he singled out Manchin during his Boston College interview. However, all the president did was demonstrate just how out of touch he was with the American people.

In West Virginia, Manchin is very well-received, a stark contrast against how Biden is viewed in and out of the Mountain State.

A West Virginia poll has shown that most state residents support Manchin opposing Build Back Better and standing by the filibuster.

Meanwhile, nationwide polls for Biden show that strong pluralities of Americans oppose his management of the Russia-Ukraine conflict, inflation, public safety and more.

The president isn’t doing himself any favors by lobbying insults at Manchin. If anything, the West Virginia senator remains much more in touch with the American people than Biden does.

While Manchin is doing well in West Virginia, Biden’s approval ratings continue to drop further. His State of the Union Address, for instance, had some of the lowest favorable ratings from viewers in 15 years.