Biden’s Presidency Is A “One In A Generation” Lesson

Mass uncertainty, crises, and malaise are afoot in the United States. All roads of this lead back to the Biden Administration and their incompetence.

Throughout 2021, Biden did one disservice after the other to the nation’s economy by joining forces with Congress to pass various spending bills. This legislation triggered inflation and made it that much harder for Americans to support themselves.

Meanwhile, schools are closing in different areas of the nation as the Democrat-backed teachers’ unions play patty cake with the education and development of young children.

Let’s not forget about staffing shortages leading to mass flight groundings, problems for small businesses, and more.

This upcoming November, America will have a chance to begin undoing some of the damage done by this president. However, as RedState points out, the Biden presidency is a “once in a generation” lesson that everyone would do well to remember.

Despite the highly questionable nature of the 2020 presidential election, some folks undoubtedly voted for Joe Biden solely because he is not Donald Trump.

In layman’s terms, their votes were more against Trump than Biden. However, the outcome is ultimately the same. As everyday Americans are confronted with severe economic challenges, some folks have used social media to vote about their regrets of voting for Biden.

Others have accused the 46th president of failing to make good promises regarding unifying the nation, ending student loan debt, etc. The truth is that Biden said what was necessary to make people feel good enough to vote for him.

Then, after Biden got into office, he proved that he doesn’t have a single clue of what to do on the economy, foreign policy, national security, immigration, or a host of other policy issues that matter in the United States.

Bear in mind that all the present crisis stemming from this feckless administration are happening less than one full year into Biden’s term. There’s no telling what other horrors may await people between now and the next presidential election.

If there’s one lesson Americans should learn from this, it’s the understanding that unfit leaders will always disappoint, no matter what promises they make on the campaign trails.

Another one of Biden’s promises was to “cure cancer” if he got elected. Yet, thus far, the White House hasn’t released a comprehensive plan to make this happen either.