Biden’s Polling With Democrats is Getting Worse

Republicans have long been critics of Biden, with growing numbers of Independents turning against the president as well. However, perhaps the worst blow to Joe Biden is coming in the form of declining Democratic support.

However, the president himself won’t admit this. When asked about his slipping poll numbers days ago, Biden angrily told the media that his party “wants” him to run for re-election.

Yet, this is not what the party is saying. In the New York Times, The Atlantic, and other left-wing outlets, Democratic officials have been screaming for Biden not to run.

The progressive activist group known as RootsAction even threatened the president with a “fight” if he proceeds with his promised 2024 run.

Now, polling continues to show that Biden is hemorrhaging Democratic support at a surprisingly high rate.

Democrats Against Biden
A poll run by YouGov this month shows the president is rapidly alienating his own party.

Thus far, the poll’s data determined that 41% of Democrats do not support Biden pursuing a second term in the White House. Only 35% said the opposite.

Then, on other issues, Biden polls terribly across the board. 52% of Americans don’t support how the president’s dealing with crime, while 63% share the same sentiments regarding inflation.

44% of Americans told the pollster that Biden’s doing a worse job as president than they expected. At the same time, 56% agreed Biden does not have what it takes to confront the problems facing this country.

On leadership characteristics such as intelligence, strength, and competence, Biden scored lower than he has in previous months.

Why Are Democrats Dumping Biden?
Despite the president’s insistence to the contrary, Democrats opposing a Biden 2024 run have been very clear in explaining why.

Many Democrats feel let down by the president’s failure to pass the Build Back Better Act, “voting rights” bills, climate change bills, and “free” higher education policies. Biden ran on these policies and now he can’t deliver.

Others on the left, such as the progressive Young Turks, have sounded off against Biden, saying that he’s ineffective and too concerned with pleasing Republicans.

Progressives believe Biden needs to do more to get his agenda passed. They believe he could take stronger action against in-party opposition facing his policies as well.

Finally, some Democrats believe that with Biden set to turn 86 after the 2024 election, the party would be better served with a younger candidate in charge.