Biden’s Most Insidious Lie About His Build Back Better Agenda

The Democrat Party constantly talks about the supposed need for the “1%” to pay what leftists call “their fair share” in taxes. Democrats claim that if millionaires and billionaires just spent a little more, America’s middle class and working-class people would be so much better off.

This new spin on trickle-down economics does not work. Even if you put aside the problematic nature of the government punishing people who achieve economic success, there isn’t enough money to pay for all the silly proposals Democrats want to implement.

Eventually, the higher taxes trickle down to the middle class. As American Thinker points out, this is precisely what Biden’s Build Back Better agenda is all about, even though Democrats are remaining tight-lipped about it.

One key element of the Build Back Better Act involves giving the IRS $80 billion within a one-decade timeframe and hiring tens of thousands of new agents. Biden wants Americans to think this is all just about having the IRS go after millionaires and billionaires, but the numbers don’t add up.

The amount of funding and staffers Biden wants to pump into the IRS is for the sole purpose of the organizations targeting small businesses, the middle class, and workers bringing in less than $75,000 annually.

Democrats have repeatedly claimed that Build Back Better won’t add to the national deficit. Yet, the Biden administration is only saying this because they’re banking on an IRS takeover to squeeze more money out of the middle class. It is why they insist the legislation is already paid for.

Just as Biden’s doing with the Justice Department (and trying to do so with the Occupational Safety and Health Administration), he wants the IRS to be nothing more than a tool to target various individuals.

During the Obama years, the IRS infamously went after conservatives. Undoubtedly, the IRS provision within Build Back Better is simply another means for Biden to take similar measures.

Under Build Back Better, the IRS gets to view people’s bank accounts who have at least $10,000 moving through their accounts each year. As Republicans have pointed out countless times, plenty of non-millionaires and non-billionaires have more than $10,000 moving through their banking accounts each year.

What Biden is trying to do is squeeze the middle class for all he can. Suffice it to say, the 46th president lied when he vowed not to increase taxes on any American earning below $400,000 on an annual basis.