Biden’s Lies About Unvaccinated Americans Simply Don’t Hold Water

Over the past two years, health officials have made a solid case for why their words, rhetoric, and warnings should not be taken at face value. When it comes to COVID, these so-called experts have changed their tune in virtually every regard, from face masks to the severity of COVID, what it takes to beat the virus and more.

On top of this, health officials have repeatedly come under fire for failing to follow their mandates. Last year, Deborah Birx told Americans they should cancel their Thanksgiving travel plans to be safe. Then, Birx traveled across the country to be with multiple generations of her own family.

If health officials don’t follow their advice, why should anyone else follow it? If health officials repeatedly change their tune, how are they reasonably trusted?

Amazingly, the healthcare community cannot answer these questions, and neither is the US federal government. Instead, Americans are saddled with a president who will say and try to do anything to get the COVID vaccine into people’s bodies.

This past Tuesday, Biden spouted off a series of lies about unvaccinated Americans and was rightfully called out for it, as LifeSiteNews has documented.

On Tuesday, the 46th president stated that unvaccinated Americans remain “at high risk” of sickness, transmitting COVID, and even passing away from the virus. These are outright lies because healthy people under 65 years old are less than 1% likely to die because of this virus.

Biden stated unvaccinated Americans should be “concerned.” Yet, he didn’t mention that most cases involving the omicron strain of COVID have been in individuals who are completely vaccinated.

The 46th president, before concluding his speech, also declared that unvaccinated individuals are responsible for clogging up hospitals. Meanwhile, Biden neglected to mention that his COVID vaccine mandate that demanded the firing of unvaccinated staff has made hospitals less equipped to provide service.

After the multitude of lies from Biden, Americans took to social media to blast the president.

In all of Biden’s promotion of COVID vaccines and vilifying unvaccinated Americans, he did not bother to mention the growing reports of adverse side effects stemming from COVID vaccines. Biden could say how “safe” and “convenient” these shots are.

Biden won’t say or omit to get people to take the COVID vaccine. He is far from an objective source and continues to ignore facts, data, and reports that do not fit his narrative that the almighty vaccines are the ultimate answer.

Each American has the right to make their healthcare choices. Biden does not have the right to force a vaccine upon anyone, nor will he ever have this right.