Biden’s Lies About The Unvaccinated Keep Backfiring On Him

Joe Biden has a severe issue with Americans not vaccinated against coronavirus.

The 46th president continues to take shots at the unvaccinated. Some of the latest examples of this include saying there’s “no reason” for anyone not to get the COVID vaccine, warning that “patience” with the unvaccinated is dwindling, and pushing for mandates that will force unvaccinated people to lose their jobs across the country.

Now, Biden wants the country to believe COVID (and its subsequent strains) just became a pandemic of not vaccinating folks. The current president seems to think that incessantly repeating this lie will make it come true. However, like PJ Media reports, Biden is as wrong as he can be about this.

On numerous times, Biden’s gone on record, ranting about how the unvaccinated are bearing the brunt of the pandemic. However, the massive surges of fully immunized individuals coming down with COVID show otherwise.

Furthermore, various communities, such as New York (by state Governor Kathy Hochul’s admission), fudged COVID numbers by marking anyone as a COVID patient if they got a positive test for the virus while in the hospital.

In layman’s terms, this means that if someone went to the hospital after incurring a stab wound and just so happened to test positive for coronavirus, they were listed as a COVID patient.

It is a botched, inaccurate, and unreliable way of tracking COVID patients. The New York governor herself has confessed as much and noted the state would make improvements going forward.

In Denmark, Canada, and Germany, vaccinated people with omicron outnumber their unvaccinated counterparts who are also testing positive for this virus strain. Who knows what the actual data looks like here in the United States, in light of the massive inaccuracies that hospitals and the CDC have been putting out?

Contrary to past statements from Biden, vaccinating against COVID does not spare someone from acquiring the virus or even passing it along to others. States with extremely high vaccination rates still deal with mass COVID cases and hospitals supposedly filling up because of this virus.

The truth about COVID is there are no guarantees either way. If vaccinations were the key to putting this virus behind us, there wouldn’t be massive case surges, despite most of the nation being vaccinated.

In all likelihood, Biden will continue to spread his lies about COVID, vaccines, and the unvaccinated. Nonetheless, it remains more paramount than ever for Americans to know and understand the truth.