Biden’s Harm To The Economy Is “No Laughing Matter”

When Joe Biden came into the White House over a year ago, he made his agenda of leading in a style that was the polar opposite to President Trump very clear. Biden, therefore, got to work on rolling back various measures and policies implemented by Trump’s Administration.

The results of this shift in leadership have not been perfect for the nation. The supply chain remains backed up. It’s getting harder for Americans to see grocery stores shelves stocked, access necessary prescriptions, keep up with the cost of living, and more.

Biden, however, wants the nation to believe that all is well, even when the results very clearly show the opposite. Nevertheless, of all the harm this President has wreaked on the United States, the economic damage is most definitely a standout, as American Thinker covers.

Under the Trump Administration, gas prices were roughly $2.30 per gallon. Meanwhile, inflation wasn’t an issue. Neither was rampant unemployment, emptied shelves in produce stores, nor any other problems present under the Biden Administration.

Thanks to Biden’s feckless policies and leadership, he’s created a situation where consumer confidence is at record lows. Meanwhile, businesses are having a more challenging time staying afloat due to rising costs of inventory, labor, and more.

Biden contributed to this inflation crisis by enacting destructive fiscal policies. During the very start of his term, this President was warned by conservatives about the disasters which would ensue if he proceeded with his botched economic agenda.

However, Biden didn’t care. He didn’t care because being as polar opposite to Trump as possible was most important to him, even if it arrived at the country’s expense.

With about three years left until the current President can be voted out of office, many people wonder what can be done about the mess he’s made.

This year, Americans can fight back by electing conservative leaders. It is true in the congressional midterms coming up this year and in the various governor’s races happening across multiple states this year.

At this time, the best way to counter the insanity of Biden and the Democrats is to elect American First conservatives. Conservatives with the country’s best interests at heart will be able to vote for the right economic policies while voting down destructive ones.

It is the last thing Biden wants to see, but it’s imperative for the economy’s success and other parts of the nation at large.