Biden’s Failed Agenda Is ‘Sealing’ His Party’s Fate In November

When Biden ran for office in 2020, he made many grand promises. Just a few examples include his vows to cure cancer, put an end to political division, forgive student loan debt, engender solutions to climate change, and, of course, “Build Back Better.”

Biden hasn’t built anything after more than one year in office. All he’s done is gut the economy, worsen political acrimony, and sink lower and lower in the polls.

The increasingly radical nature of the President’s leadership has been off-putting to Independent voters, who are siding with Republicans more and more in various polls. Meanwhile, Biden’s inability to fulfill some of his campaign promises is even a source of irritation to Democrats and progressives especially.

Now, The Federalist points out how Biden’s botched presidency is essentially sealing his party’s fate in the approaching midterm elections.

To make a long story short, Biden has accomplished virtually nothing as President. Therefore, Democrats running to be elected or re-elected into the Senate don’t have much to campaign on.

Biden hasn’t done away with COVID as Democrats expected him to do. It comes despite him trying to push illegal vaccine edicts that were thankfully struck down by the Supreme Court and other federal judges.

Then, there’s the factor of the Build Back Better. This radical piece of legislation was supposed to be a centerpiece for Democrats. Passing it was also a significant accomplishment for Biden and his Administration.

However, the Build Back Better Act turned out to be so radical that every Senate Republican voted against it, as did moderate Democrat Sen. Joe Manchin. Despite continuous harassment from Democrats, Manchin has repeatedly stated Build Back Better is “dead.”

Meanwhile, with the implosion of Biden’s agenda (and the national fallout from his destructive policies), Republicans have a clear campaign message that is reaching voters. That message is one of getting the government out of people’s lives, along with restoring choice, freedom, and individual empowerment.

Between Biden’s failed agenda and skyrocketing disapproval ratings, his party is steering clear of him.

Leftist gubernatorial candidates across the country dismissed the possibilities of Biden campaigning on their behalf. They’re also going AWOL when the President visits their states.

Democrats running the midterms are also taking similar approaches. Leftists in Arizona, Georgia, New Mexico, etc., have refused to come out and declare themselves as “Biden Democrats.” They’ve also evaded questions from reporters about whether they’d like the President’s support in their congressional campaigns.

It’s genuinely telling when the party members of a sitting President don’t want to be seen with him or have his support in their campaigns.