Biden’s Facing Leftist “Backlash” Amid Failed Promises On COVID

The stark contrast between what Joe Biden said he would do on COVID versus what he’s managed to do is indisputable. For instance, Biden said he’d “defeat” coronavirus if he got into office.

Meanwhile, with Biden being in office for about one year, COVID is raging. Cases are sky-high (despite vaccines and boosters). Hospitals claim they’re overwhelmed, and multiple virus variants did not exist one year ago.

Likewise, then-candidate Biden promised the nation he would not impose vaccination mandates on the country as President. Months after getting into the Oval Office, Biden worked to pass a series of vaccination mandates. However, the Supreme Court stopped his largest mandate for big businesses dead in its tracks.

Republicans have long been detractors of Biden’s plethora of failures regarding this virus. However, reports from TheBlaze reveal that even some Democrats are beginning to hold the 46th President accountable.

Last week, a group of Senate Democrats penned a letter to the 46th President, demanding an explanation between the massive gap of what he promised on COVID versus what he delivered.

Democrats in the US Senate reminded Biden of his promises to shut down COVID, which has not happened. Likewise, leftist lawmakers pressed the 46th President on why he hasn’t taken further measures to make it easier for Americans to test for COVID at home.

After noting the overall malaise the nation is experiencing regarding this virus, the Senate Democrats also pointed out that shortages in pharmacies, lack of available healthcare labor, and a series of other COVID-related issues are occurring on Biden’s watch.

Finally, the letter sent to the 46th President admonished him for his ignorance of the lack of access to testing that has led to long lines across the nation and other problems.

It’s worth noting that this letter from Senate Democrats comes when the progressive wing of the Democrat Party is openly flirting with the notion of primarying Biden in 2024.

After receiving this letter from Senate Democrats, the Biden Administration informed the public of ongoing communication with lawmakers. The White House additionally declared that they’re speaking with Senate Democrats about boosting access to COVID tests and otherwise tackling COVID.

This letter could not come at a worse time for Biden. He’s facing a 33% approval rating. Meanwhile, his party is rapidly beginning to turn on him.