Biden’s Efforts At The Southern Border Attract Criticism From Beto

Many members of the Democratic party have come to criticize President Joe Biden’s efforts to handle the border crisis as the list of critics has now been extended to prominent leftist candidate Beto O’Rourke.

O’Rourke called out the Biden administration for revoking Title 42, which was a law enforced by the Trump administration according to which border officers were allowed to dismiss illegal aliens over COVID-19 concerns. With the rule no longer in force, it will encourage a large number of illegal aliens to enter the US.

While Speaking with the Texas Tribune on Tuesday, O’Rourke mentioned that ending this rule without having any contingency plan makes no sense. He is not satisfied with the current way in which the Biden administration is handling the border situation.

Although O’Rourke was an avid critic of the rule during the Trump Administration, the changing dynamic of security and immigration issues in border communities has changed his perspective.

The Biden administration stated that Title 42 would no longer be in effect from May, and according to many critics, it has become the most despised policy decision by the administration up till now.

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott and many others feared that revoking Title 42 would cause a huge immigrant influx at the borders. Democratic party member Joe Manchin also joined in to show his disapproval by calling it a dreadful decision that would only make matters worse at the border.

It is assumed that O’Rourke also sensed this critique and noted the change of wind in the political landscape. This caused him to criticize the decision whilst still being opposed to border enforcement measures. He argued that Title 42 simply turns away immigrants who are trying to cross the border without them facing any real consequences. This means that if they were turned away today, they could come back tomorrow. He believes everyone is concerned with the lack of plan the Biden administration is showing and it should be held accountable for the poor job they’re doing.