Biden’s Economic Illiteracy Takes A Particularly Dangerous Turn

Anyone who is leading the United States needs to understand the fundamentals of the economy, at the very least.

For instance, when the national deficit is through the roof and climbing, any president should be aware that passing more spending bills will only add to the deficit and therefore worsen the economy.

Likewise, any president should know when they take measures to limit the supply of natural resources. The demand will inherently increase, thus leading to price surges.

Unfortunately, Joe Biden fails to grasp these basic economic principles. The dire state of the country’s economy is living proof of this. However, in the most unfortunate turn of events, the 46th president’s complete economic illiteracy is now causing him to go after businesses in the United States, according to PJ Media.

Somehow, Biden got it in his head that spending trillions and trillions of dollars would engender economic stimulation. Instead, it only created a massive inflation crisis that’s projected to carry into a good part of 2022, if not longer.

As previously mentioned, Biden’s taken a series of destructive measures to hurt the oil and gas industry in the United States. Killing pipelines, shutting down oil and gas drilling (before a court order mandating Biden allow these operations to resume), and now looking to bump up fees on oil and gas drilling are just a few examples.

Naturally, these actions result in energy being harder to produce and more challenging to come upon. Therefore, gas and home heating prices are higher than they’ve been in quite some time.

Biden doesn’t get this, though. That’s why he’s using the Federal Trade Commission to investigate whether or not energy companies are nefariously gouging their prices to squeeze more money out of consumers.

Additionally, the 46th president also has the Federal Trade Commission probe the margins of profit belonging to big retailers. Yet again, Biden hasn’t made the connection between his disastrous, trillion-dollar spending bills and the rise of prices across the board.

Biden is the architect of the very problems he’s having the Federal Trade Commission investigate.

It is not an exaggeration to warn that Biden’s gone rogue. He’s left energy independence, the economy, and the southern border on life support. Biden tried to push through a series of vast medical mandates that courts thankfully step in and stop.

Amid all this, the president wants to give the IRS free reign to inspect virtually every bank account owned by an American citizen. If all of this put together isn’t rogue, then nothing is.

At this point, it’s time to get serious about introducing the 25th Amendment to remove Biden from office before he does any more damage.