Biden’s ‘Delusions’ Leave The Rest Of The Nation ‘Shaking’ Its Head

When Joe Biden has been President, his approval ratings have sunk from around the 50s to the mid-30s. Currently, the President’s nationwide approval mark stands at 33%.

It comes after Biden messed up on a series of matters (like immigration, foreign policy, the economy, etc.) and refused to fix the problems. Meanwhile, this President’s decline in support comes as he and his team center their attention around issues that aren’t of the greatest importance to everyday Americans.

For instance, the average person in the United States cares more about how inflation will impact their wallet than they care about the Senate filibuster. Likewise, more people are worried about empty grocery shelves than infrastructure projects.

For some unfathomable reason, Biden can’t or won’t get a clue on all that’s wrong with his leadership.

Since the 46th President has gone on record declaring he’s “outperformed” as commander-in-chief, no one should hold their breath waiting for him to do anything differently, as Fox News points out.

It is innately impossible to convince someone to change what they’re doing if they don’t see anything wrong with what they’re doing. In the case of Biden, he admittedly believes his administration has done “well” and “outperformed.” The President said so himself during a press conference last week.

Furthermore, Biden declared that he doesn’t believe the polls that show him at 33% or that voters are primarily dissatisfied with his leadership. The problem with these delusions is the inherently disastrous outcomes they bring upon the nation.

See, while the 46th President may think he’s knocking it out of the mark, empty shelves across grocery stores in America say otherwise. So does the inflation that is wiping out the earnings of everyday workers.

In Biden’s mind, the majority of the nation doesn’t “understand” how well he’s done. Last week, the President stated his belief that going on the road will somehow make the country come around and see what a fabulous job he’s done.

The significant contrast between what Biden is saying about his leadership vs. the results his leadership is producing is horrifying.

At this point, impeachment may be the only recourse to getting Biden out of office, short of waiting for the clock to run out in January 2025.

Based on Biden’s delusional statements, it is clear that he’s not in his right mind, therefore rendering him incapable of effective oversight. Furthermore, his negligence in Afghanistan, the southern border, and possibly Ukraine are grounds for his impeachment and removal from office.

Should Republicans take back the House and the Senate, impeachment papers should immediately be drawn up against this President.