Biden’s Cowardice Could Have ‘International Consequences’

Currently, the United States is unfortunately saddled with a president who is an outright coward.

Biden’s cowardice is demonstrated in his refusal to stand up to America’s enemies or come to the defense of US allies in meaningful ways that count. The President’s lack of courage is evident as he’s broken various campaign promises and refused to pay attention to polls that don’t stroke his ego.

This President’s failures keep growing. Even Biden’s allies struggle with defending him and singing his praises.

When it comes to foreign policy, the United States is at a very critical juncture. Because Russian President Putin does not take Biden seriously, Putin is openly moving in on Ukraine as the Russian government openly mocks Biden’s threats of sanctions.

At the rate things are going, war could break out if there aren’t careful and strategic moves made going forward. However, with Biden in the White House, there’s no telling how this current saga may play out.

According to Breitbart News, this is something that former Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard pointed out.

Earlier this week, the military veteran took to Twitter to share her views regarding the conflict brewing between Russia and Ukraine. Gabbard explained that due to the high stakes of this situation, assets regarding information and communication could be compromised.

On a larger scale, today’s conflict could very well turn into nuclear war, and it would all be driven by the illusion that Ukraine is somehow a nation of democracy.

After noting how such a war would divert concentration on Biden’s various letdowns here in America, Gabbard noted that Biden could use his power to prevent war. However, his absence of courage to act accordingly is a major roadblock.

It isn’t the first time Gabbard has criticized Biden regarding his handling of foreign policy. The former Congresswoman noted that nothing Biden’s doing in Ukraine benefited American citizens days ago.

Moreover, Biden’s continued meddling in Ukraine will guarantee pushback from Russia, thereby leaving the ultimate end to this saga as anyone’s guess.

Over the weekend, Biden announced his willingness to convene with Putin, stipulating that the latter holds off on moving against Ukraine. The Russian President refused, leading Biden to deliver a somewhat incoherent speech/rant against Putin on Tuesday and announce more sanctions.

Biden’s cowardice is one of many reasons why Putin (and other leaders across the globe) fail to take him seriously. Let’s hope the international consequences of Biden’s shortcomings aren’t too disastrous.