Biden’s Comments About His First Year In Office Should Concern All Of Us

When Joe Biden became a candidate in the 2020 presidential election, Republicans warned that having this individual in the White House would significantly harm.

While the political right was correct about this, no one in the country could predict that Biden would do so much harm in such a brief time. Getting our country’s soldiers killed in Afghanistan was horrible, yet, months ago, Biden called it a success.

Opening the southern border and essentially letting drugs, criminals, and who knows what else come pouring has been a nightmare of its own. Between crime surges, inflation, shortages in labor and supplies, the first year of Biden’s presidency has been a flat-out nightmare.

However, as RedState reports, the 46th President doesn’t see things this way.

Earlier in the week, during a two-hour-long press conference, he talked about how great his presidency is. Biden touted the supposed increase in workers’ wages. However, he neglected to mention that inflation is devouring workers’ earnings.

After spending an arduous amount of time tooting his own horn for no apparent reason, the 46th President decided to take some questions from the media. From there, Biden grew visibly angry and belligerent when pressed about his rhetoric about Republicans and other matters.

The tedious press conference made one thing quite clear. Biden is a living legend in his mind, and no one can tell him otherwise. He doesn’t care about his spending bills leading to an inflation crisis or his approval rating being three points above 30%.

For countless patriots across the United States, it was downright infuriating for Biden to be so delusional to believe he’s done well as President thus far. Taking to social media, numerous Americans used their accounts to vocalize their annoyance and exasperation with this President.

What we all must remember, though, is that a reality check is coming soon. That reality check will happen when Republicans get back the majority in the House of Representatives and the Senate.

It will finally restore checks and balances to the government. With a GOP-led Congress, Biden can be legislatively contained and stopped from doing any more harm than he’s already done over the past 12 months.

It will be interesting to witness Biden’s response after his allies in the House and Senate are no longer in the congressional majority.