Biden’s Cluelessness On The Energy Sector Is A Real Problem

Again, Joe Biden has shown his lack of regard for energy independence is as brazen as his overall disrespect for the energy sector itself.

When Biden slithered his way into the White House back in January, he signed an executive order which destroyed the Keystone Pipeline. Shortly after that, the 46th president also outlawed oil and gas operations on federal lands and waters.

Thankfully, a judge recently ruled that the Biden administration may not ban oil and gas leasing. Therefore, drilling is back on. However, Biden’s damage to the energy sector remains ongoing and impacts sky-high gas prices right now.

Yet, amazingly, this failed president continues to demonstrate his cluelessness on the energy sector, time and time again, as American Thinker has pointed out.

As gas prices are at very high levels and climbing, Biden has further displayed his ignorance by doing away with yet another pipeline. This pipeline is called Line 5 and is based in Michigan. Biden wants to shut it down because he believes doing so will pay tribute to Native Americans.

At the same time, the 46th president is also accusing oil and gas companies of price gouging. He’s also ordered the Federal Trade Commission to launch an investigation into these companies to determine whether they’re intentionally racking up prices.

Biden fails to grasp that his policies have lessened the supply of oil in the United States. Meanwhile, demand is higher than ever. If Biden were concerned about the prices Americans are paying to put fuel in their cars, he’d stop with harmful policies that directly hurt the energy sector in the United States.

Biden’s ignorance of the energy sector is a byproduct of his ultimate endgame, eradicating the energy sector.

It is not just in Biden’s energy policies but also in his current nominee to head the Office of Comptroller of the Currency. Saule Omarova has openly professed her desire to see the bankruptcy of the oil and gas industry in the United States.

Such talk has understandably concerned many members of the Senate. It includes some Democrats like Montana’s Jon Tester, West Virginia’s Joe Manchin, and Arizona’s Kyrsten Sinema.

Yet, despite all this, the White House is not retracting Omarova’s nomination. Instead, the Biden administration is standing by this communist nominee, and professing an individual who wants to bankrupt the energy sector would be great for America.