Biden’s Chief of Staff Creates Some Distance

President Joe Biden’s Chief of Staff, Ron Klain, is now admitting that Biden messed up by calling for regime change in Russia. Klain retweeted that Biden has a “lapse in discipline.” At this point, we should really take the entire situation into account and start considering some tough decisions. The 25th Amendment is in place for a reason. So, what are they waiting for?

The retweet was from John Harwood, and read, “Biden’s last-line ad-lib Putin represented a significant lapse in discipline but on concrete military steps, he has remained careful to avoid escalation risks experts on nuclear doctrine say he’s right to do so my @CNN analysis.”

During the former administration, and before that, if the Chief of Staff had questioned the discipline of the presidents, then the Chief of Staff would have been fired or resigned because they had no faith in the president. But it’s difficult for Klain to leave or be fired when it’s likely Klain who is one of the people making the real decisions for Biden.

Even before the Ukraine-Russia conflict, nobody thought Biden would be a brilliant strategist or coherently lead the country to unification.

How can you trust a president who says that U.S. troops are going to Ukraine and will witness women standing in front of tanks refusing to leave? To witness that, soldiers would have to be in the middle of the conflict.

The biggest problem is that if there were only a lack of discipline, then Biden wouldn’t be putting radical leftist garbage in bills and executive orders. It’s all calculated, and it’s a serious danger to the country.

Klain is tagging along with the leftist media because he doesn’t have anything left. Out of all the tabloids that day, “undisciplined” may have been the most positive thing that was reported.

Another issue is that Biden lies… a lot. When Fox News’ Peter Doocy asked for Biden’s comment on regime change, he denied saying it. That’s not acceptable. Biden was filmed saying one thing and lied to the entire world about it several days later. Klain wasn’t wrong to call Biden out. But he needs to do more to stop Biden from making things a whole lot worse.