Biden’s “Build Back Better” Agenda Fails Miserably

Joe Biden is in denial when it comes to his shoddy Build Back Better. This plan doesn’t “build back” anything. It merely codifies communism into the laws of the federal government. 

The White House has told everyone who will listen that Biden’s plan will benefit Americans in every facet of their life, from jobs to healthcare, childcare, and more. These are flagrant mistruths, and the White House knows it. 

If the Build Back Better plan passes into law, it will run up taxes, destroy businesses, and weaponize the IRS against American citizens. Right now, the plan is still stalled in Congress. Although, it’s pretty telling that Biden’s party can’t even manage to agree on this legislation. 

According to TheBlaze, the Build Back Better agenda is not only unpopular in Congress, but it’s also unpopular with the American public.

A brand new poll released by ABC News/Ipsos is awful news for Biden and his backward agenda. The survey’s findings show 32% of the country expects the legislation to harm them if it becomes law. Meanwhile, only one-fourth of the nation believes the Build Back Better plan will be helpful in their personal lives. 

Less than a majority of Democrats (47%) told ABC News/Ipsos they think the president’s agenda will be advantageous to them. Meanwhile, 29% of Independents and a whopping 64% of Republicans declared the legislation would hurt them. 

Another recent survey has shown that only 37% of Americans say the president and the Democrat Party prioritize issues that matter to the country. It speaks volumes about just how out of touch Biden and his leftist reinforcements in Congress have become.

Most recently, yet another poll revealed 71% of Americans think the United States is heading down the wrong track. It comes in stark contrast to Biden’s claim the nation is on the right track. This failed president doesn’t know which way is up from down, and all the polls prove it.

The mainstream media is far from conservative. They are openly against conservatives, the political right, and anyone else who voted for President Trump. 

Therefore, it says it all when even the mainstream media reports Biden’s doing a terrible job. Networks like CNN, MSNBC, ABC News, etc., have gone above and beyond to paint Democrats in the best light possible. 

These media outlets are now admitting Biden’s low poll numbers aren’t good and speak to the trouble his presidency is in. Likewise, leftist media networks are noting the volatile, failing condition of the economy under Biden’s watch. 

Quite frankly, this president should resign from office because America had it up to here with him. Biden can also take Kamala Harris, Nancy Pelosi, and other socialist enemies with him.