Biden’s Aversion To Domestic Energy Production Is Truly Backfiring

After Joe Biden became president, one of his first business acts immediately pulled the plug on domestic energy production. Biden did this by halting the Keystone XL pipeline, prohibiting fracking, banning oil drilling and more.

The president did this to appeal to the climate change base of his political party. However, Americans are now forced to contend with the negative consequences.

Gas prices today are higher than they have been in 14 years. If something doesn’t change very quickly, they’re going to get even higher.

After weeks of dragging his feet on banning oil imports from the Russian regime, Biden finally made the call to do so on Tuesday. However, the halt against Russian oil hasn’t stopped the president from maintaining his vendetta against domestic energy production.

To this end, Biden is getting ripped to shreds online by angry Americans, as TheBlaze documents.

Republican governors, conservative lawmakers, right-wing commentators and everyday Americans laid into Biden.

The president has been rightfully blasted as foolish and irresponsible for insisting on getting oil from enemy nations (such as Iran) when America is more than well equipped for the domestic production of our oil.

Right now, the president’s vendetta against pipelines, fracking, oil drilling, etc., deals with his pipe dream of bringing forth “renewable energy” and eliminating fossil fuels. As social media users noted, though, the priority right now needs to be reducing prices at the pump for the American people.

Meanwhile, Vice President Kamala Harris and Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg claim that Americans struggling with sky-high gas prices should consider purchasing electric vehicles.

It has led to a backlash, seeing as electric vehicles are much more expensive than vehicles that run on gas. Moreover, if people have trouble affording current gas prices, buying a much more costly entirely new vehicle remains unanswered.

When Biden got into office, he vowed that “building back better” would entail his presidency. However, all this president has done is tear things down and make matters worse.

The current trajectory of affairs, notably with gas prices, is not sustainable. Likewise, for Biden to see where gas prices stand and still refuse to give up his vendetta against domestic energy production.

As this president works to cut business deals with America’s enemies, he’s certainly not taking the best interests of the United States into account.