Biden’s Arrogance Continues To ‘Backfire’ Against Him

Throughout the 2020 presidential election, Biden’s handlers and supporters did their best to make everyone believe he was an affable Democrat without the downside of being too far left.

Pro-Biden talking points asserted that the then-candidate cared about people, wanted to end political division, and otherwise make America a better place. Of course, this is laughable in hindsight, especially when one considers that Biden’s presidency has been the polar opposite of this.

Aside from one atrocious policy decision after the next, the 46th President has shown a series of character flaws. One standout is his inability to admit when he’s been wrong or made a mistake.

Ultimately, this is an extension of Biden’s arrogance. However, PJ Media notes the extent to which this is beginning to backfire on the current President.

Next month, Biden is set to share a State of the Union Address before the country. Some Democrats have already suggested that Biden uses this time to shift away from COVID restrictions and announce America’s progression into a society that’s post-COVID.

However, former Obama aide David Axelrod also has some feedback about how Biden should approach the State of the Union Address in March. In a nutshell, he believes the President needs to show much less arrogance and much more humility.

According to Axelrod, it’s not realistic for Biden to believe he can “jawbone” the country into believing all is fine and dandy when it’s not. It is something the President’s been repeatedly trying to do, amid one disaster after the other.

The former aide to the 44th President noted that if Biden tries to make the State of the Union all about himself or how great he thinks his agenda is, it won’t go over well with the American public.

In all actuality, it’s very much likely that David Axelrod’s advice to Biden will not stick. The current President seems incapable of stepping back from his arrogance or taking into account the feedback from the nation’s populace.

Biden says his presidency has consisted of him “outperforming,” meanwhile, nearly six out of every ten Americans dislike the leadership he’s brought to the country. When the President faced questions from the media about his low poll numbers, he shrugged it off and claimed the polls weren’t accurate.

At this point, if Biden were at all capable of releasing his arrogance, he would have done it already. In all likelihood, Americans can expect Biden’s State of the Union Address to be another puff piece, riddled with lies, delusions, and hubris.