Biden’s Administration Doesn’t Know What’s Going On And They’re Playing Cover Because Of It

The Polish government had bossed President Joe Biden’s administration with MiG-29 and Sukhoi aircraft when there was an idea to move them to Germany and allow Ukraine to use them. There are a lot of logistical issues with the plan because of the aircraft’s setup and maintenance. It’s kind of like letting your friend drive your car, but it’s a stick shift and the friend can’t drive a stick shift and you’re all hoping it might work.

The plan isn’t going to happen at all, and there might be a good reason. Poland is a NATO country and with Russia’s threat to wage war on any NATO country that gets involved in the conflict, that would be an immediate act of war in any country that Russia decides.

Consider there isn’t a NATO country involved in this conflict. Is there a need to get involved? Yes, civilians should be assisted at all costs, but this one seems to be between Russia and Ukraine rather than the United States or NATO against anyone.

After standing firm with Ukraine and promising to have their back, it’s Biden who’s backing out. Secretary of State Antony Blinken told Poland that they’re welcome to send them, but it’s not a NATO action and they’re acting on their own accord.

It is the withdrawal from Afghanistan all over again. The Biden administration has no plan and they’re actively blocking our allies and not communicating about the plans. Furthermore, we shouldn’t get involved, but the lack of leadership and forward-thinking is embarrassing. Biden and everyone around him is dropping the ball at every step.

The Pentagon released a statement.

The talks should have taken place in private and now it’s just another discrepancy in the Biden administration.

There’s a new thing where Biden says everything he shouldn’t and nothing that he should. Biden’s administration does the same thing. The fact that Press Secretary Jen Psaki has to cover for everything Biden says isn’t a good sign that Biden is stable and knows what he’s talking about.

Then there’s the issue of actually using the planes. If you can’t fly the plane, you’ll never be able to use it and it’s useless.

Also, is there any chance that Biden’s family ties to Ukraine get uncovered during all of this mess?