Biden’s About-Face On Policing In The United States Rings Hollow

For the past two years, Democrats have been the anti-police party. Democrat leaders, politicians and voters continue to falsely assert that police officers are racist and threats to various communities.

However, the left-wing war against police isn’t just about trying to defund law enforcement. It likewise extends to making the jobs of police harder by releasing apprehended offenders and setting low or no bail for dangerous individuals.

Yet, it turns out being the anti-police party hasn’t worked out so well for Democrats. Most of the leaders in the party are therefore trying to shift gears, as evidenced by some comments made during Biden’s Tuesday State of the Union Address.

While addressing the country, Biden declared that police should be “funded,” not defunded. However, this particular revelation of the president rings hollow for a series of reasons, as The Federalist points out.

For the sake of leftists’ chances in the elections coming up in November, Biden would love nothing more than for everyone to believe Democrats are no longer the party of defunding the police.

However, this isn’t entirely true. For instance, in New York City, Democrat Mayor Eric Adams admitted that the local police department might lose some funding weeks ago. That’s not to mention the police officers fired by the city of New York for not taking the COVID vaccine.

In his remarks about “funding” the police, Biden also alleged that his American Rescue Plan contributed to law enforcement funding. However, fact-checkers have since confirmed that Biden’s spending package did not require any funding to police officers whatsoever.

Likewise, the president remains silent about “bail reform,” another pro-crime, anti-law enforcement policy that’s putting the lives of law enforcement officers and law-abiding citizens in danger.

Any leader can get in front of a podium and profess the need to “fund the police.” However, what truly makes the difference are their actions and the policies they enable. Thus far, Biden has done absolutely nothing to fund law enforcement.

Despite Biden calling for the funding of police during his State of the Union Address this week, there are still many Democrats who disagree.

Democrats like Cori Bush, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, etc., continue to reject the notion that defunding the police is dangerous. Meanwhile, leftists who continue to support the defunding of law enforcement are still spending top dollar on their private security details.

The country will be significantly better off once the White House and Congress are led by leaders who truly understand the importance of funding law enforcement.