Biden Intentionally Throwing Kamala Harris To The Dogs For Key Reason

President Biden is not doing well. His presidency has resulted in many problems that the White House repeatedly attempts to spin and downplay. Meanwhile, public sentiment, in general, is turning against the Biden administration.

See, no matter how many excuses the president or his team manage to come up with, Americans are still paying more money at the grocery stores. It’s still becoming more and more expensive for people to heat their homes or put gas in their cars.

Meanwhile, a series of polls continue to show increasingly worse ratings for the president. Earlier this week, a new survey revealed 61% of the country does not believe Biden should run for another term as president.

In light of all this, there are speculations that the White House is now purposefully using Vice President Kamala Harris as a scapegoat, according to Red State.

Christina Pushaw, the press secretary for Florida Republican Governor Ron DeSantis, had an interesting take on the various reports that alleged discord between the vice president and the White House.

According to Pushaw, the White House knows what it’s doing despite releasing public statements about Harris’s supposedly great. The press secretary for Governor DeSantis stated the Biden administration is faulting Harris for all of its failures.

Pushaw even declared the White House had gone as far as to leak adverse reports about the vice president to the media. While the DeSantis aide noted she has zero pity for the vice president, Pushaw also declared this entire spectacle as “pathetic.”

Later, Pushaw also noted that Biden has a proven track record of not taking responsibility for his actions when they don’t pan out well. It became clear months ago when Biden described his withdrawal from Afghanistan as a success. This came despite the 13 service members who lost their lives and the Taliban, which returned to power.

As it turns out, Governor DeSantis’ press secretary could be onto something. Over this week alone, there are now rumors the president is pushing Congress to assess the necessary steps for a new vice president to be sworn into office.

Now, without doubt, this indicates the possibility of Biden looking to fire and replace his current vice president. These rumors also arrive as the White House publicly attempts to make things appear as if all is well with Harris and her role in the Biden administration.