Biden Urged To ‘Embrace Centrism’ Amid Imploding Presidency

The Biden presidency is literally on fire. In just about every poll, disapproval from the public outweighs approval. It applies to ratings on Biden’s overall leadership, in addition to his management of gun violence, the economy, crime, immigration, and more.

When Biden was running for office, he did his best to appear moderate Democrat. It allowed him to collect votes from centrists, Independents, and even some Republicans who grew disaffected with then-President Trump.

However, Biden dropped the moderate charade after getting into the White House and showing his true extremism. Americans have overwhelmingly rejected it. Left-wing strategist Douglas Schoen is calling on Biden to start leading in a more centrist fashion to save what remains of his presidency, per PJ Media.

Schoen’s history of working to help the Democrat Party goes back decades. He infamously advised former President Bill Clinton during his time in office.

Today, the left-wing strategist’s suggestion to Biden is remarkable. In essence, Schoen believes Biden needs to reconnect with the public by focusing on more centrist legislation and less “progressive.”

Schoen furthermore explained the President ought to redirect his energy on making Ameicans’ lives better and providing solutions to their problems. The obvious implication is that Democrats can’t make this happen if they’re trying to defund the police, abolish the filibuster, overhaul US elections, etc.

The leftist strategist stated that Biden and Democrats would do well to start working with Republicans on things where a middle ground can be reached.

He too called for Democrats to alter their views on taxes, namely the misguided notion that increasing taxes on the wealthy is the end-all, be-all to economic problems.

Despite Douglas Schoen’s extensive history as a strategist for Democrats, it’s very doubtful that Biden will listen to him. Listening to Schoen wouldn’t fall into the behavior pattern that Biden’s exhibited since getting into office.

The 46th President has continuously rejected anything and anyone who calls on him to change his leadership, policies, etc. Biden says he’s “outperformed” as President in all his hubris and doesn’t believe the polls showing majority disapproval of him are accurate.

It’s impossible to reach someone who doesn’t see anything wrong with doing. Schoen warned that if Democrats continue their current course, their elections’ disaster will ensue. However, the left has consistently disregarded warnings of this nature before.