Biden Suffers More Humiliation Amidst Imploding Presidency

Although Biden has roughly three more years left of his presidency, there’s no denying that the whole thing is falling apart.

The 46th President campaigned as a Democrat with moderate leanings. However, shortly after getting into office, he dropped this facade and revealed his radical nature.

Biden, in 2021, sought to block property owners from collecting rightfully owed dues from tenants. Thankfully, the Supreme Court intervened and stopped the 46th President from proceeding with this moratorium.

Biden’s radical, tyrannical nature also came to light when he introduced a series of sweeping, countrywide vaccine mandates. These mandates faced immense blowback from business and religious communities, along with Republican leaders.

Just earlier this month, the Supreme Court struck down the OSHA vaccine edict that Biden tried to pass into law. However, as humiliating as this turned out to be for the 46th President, new information from Twitchy shows the implosion of Biden is far from over.

On multiple occasions since being President, Biden’s made it his business to spend stints of time in his home state of Delaware. Presumably, the 46th President believes this is a spot where he can get a break and be around the shrinking numbers of people who like him.

However, during the White House press pool’s coverage of Biden, they got a nasty shock, as did the President. As documented in a press pool report, a woman shouted, “Let’s Go, Brandon,” during the time of coverage.

As just about everyone in America knows at this point, “Let’s Go Brandon” is a clean version for one to express their distaste for Biden. “Let’s Go Brandon” became a trend in 2021. The phrase has since been seen on flags, t-shirts, mugs, and even on cookies and firearms parts.

In New England, there’s even an entire store that’s purely dedicated to “Let’s Go Brandon” attire and merchandise.

Biden made headlines over the Christmas holiday for speaking with a Santa’s flight tracker caller. Towards the end of the call, the man on the other line said, “Let’s Go, Brandon,” to which Biden regurgitated the phrase that’s an insult against him and even declared that he “agrees.”

It led to many Americans having a good laugh at the President’s expense, questioning if he even knew the meaning of what he said.

At this point, it couldn’t be plainer that Biden’s handlers are trying to shelter him from as much negative press as possible. While the rest of the country knows about what happened in Delaware this past weekend, Biden himself likely has absolutely no idea.