Biden Is Still Ignoring America’s Serious Inflation Crisis

In the United States, inflation is one of the most dangerous, existing crises. Inflation is making it harder for families to put gas in their vehicles and food on their tables. As inflation worsens, jobs and income are struggling to keep up. 

The presence of inflation is furthermore putting strain on an economy that’s been throttled by shutdowns, shelter-in-place orders, capacity limits, and the past almost two years. 

Joe Biden is directly responsible for inflation. He worsened the economy by handing out large paydays to unemployed people instead of getting them back to work. Biden’s so-called American Rescue Plan is also responsible for doing a serious number on the economy. 

Yet, despite all this, Biden remains shockingly in denial about what is going on with one of the most disastrous issues facing America, as National Review points out.

Earlier this week, the president of the United States foolishly declared his so-called infrastructure legislation would decrease the costs of goods for Americans. 

It’s vital to note that less than a fraction of this bill Biden plans to sign next week deals with actual infrastructure projects, like roads, bridges, etc.

Interestingly, Biden did not specifically consider how he believes his infrastructure legislation will bring back a robust economy. Instead, the president declared his administration has a vested interest in bettering the economy and getting Americans back to work. 

The latter claim might be slightly less believable if Biden weren’t pushing COVID vaccine mandates that multiple business groups warn will harm the economy. Staffing shortages stemming from medical mandates are already present. Yet, Biden is still pushing to make these mandates the law of the land.

Biden being in denial about the inflation crisis in America goes beyond him merely claiming his faux infrastructure bill. Moreover, this denial is evidenced by the president claiming high prices and supply chain issues are offshoots of high consumer demand. 

It is an outright lie, and Biden knows it. Ironically, Biden’s inflation crisis is ensuring that consumers have less spending confidence. Inflation has also made it so that consumers’ dollars don’t go as far as they used to. 

Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg is also responsible for repeating the “consumer demand” lie. Buttigieg declared earlier this month that the supply chain crisis is a consequence of mass online purchases. 

Quite frankly, Biden and the members of his administration couldn’t stop lying to save their lives. However, what’s most disturbing of all is that Biden and his allies believe their lies.