Biden Spreads Second Amendment Disinformation

The recent string of multiple mass shootings has put the Second Amendment back into controversy, once again.

Democrats largely continue to argue that Americans should forego gun rights, due to the actions of criminals. This argument continues to face resistance from patriots who warn that disarming lawful citizens won’t stop criminals.

In spite of this, various left-wing officials persist in proposing new gun control restrictions. One Democrat wants a 1,000% tax on AR-15s. Other leftists aim for more red flag laws and the confiscation of so-called “assault weapons.”

Meanwhile, Joe Biden himself recently said Americans shouldn’t own 9mm pistols for self-defense purposes. Sadly, this is not the extent of the president’s rhetoric on gun ownership and the Second Amendment.

Biden is currently taking heat for lying about the enactment of the Second Amendment, which dates back to 1791.

Debunking Biden’s Rhetoric
According to the sitting president, when the right to bear arms first came into inception, people weren’t able to purchase cannons.

This is not accurate. When the Second Amendment came to pass, Americans were, in fact, able to possess and purchase cannons. Cannons, during this time, were actually viewed as essential for upholding a militia that is “well-regulated.”

On top of this, American civilians also owned military-grade firearms that were much more powerful than most guns commonly seen today.

This is not the president’s first time incorrectly claiming that Americans weren’t allowed to own cannons. This falsehood has been debunked before; yet, Biden and other supporters of gun control continue to repeat this narrative anyway.

The president’s incorrect recount of history came as he advocated for more gun control measures that would restrict the rights of lawful gun owners.

A House of Cards
In its entirety, the narratives surrounding gun control keep on falling apart when they come face to face with reality.

Democrats have long claimed that gun-free zones are protective safe spaces. However, the Buffalo, New York shooter chose this state as his hunting ground because of restrictive gun laws. He admitted so himself in his unhinged manifesto.

In response to this, gun control activists are still pushing for more restrictive gun laws across the country.

Not only has Biden not walked back his falsehood about cannon purchases, but he has yet to show any willingness to take measures against shootings that don’t involve gun control.